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Wood-Borer Control

Wood borer are commonly found after few years in the building constructions. They are responsible for structural damage to residential and commercial buildings after termites. It begins when an adult lay eggs in cracks and crevices of the wooden structure. As larvae grow, they bore wood from inside and push powdery wood outside the holes. The amount of damage caused by these larvae depends upon type of wood and environmental condition.

Wood borer infestations are difficult to control to avoid that protective measures should take place at every stage after building constructed. Occasionally check the furniture in the household and commercial building to prevent from wood borer infestation. Find and replace infested structural wood with new ones or treated it with proper insecticides. Most effective and safest way to remove the infestation is by using chemical insecticides. There are two methods used to control infestation one is injecting insecticides in the holes with a syringe, next one is spray insecticide throughout the entire wood.

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Health and safety is an important part of its daily activities as a services provider. We help in our best way to keep you safe from the dreaded pests and the pests which are considered to be a nuisance. While this approach benefits the company, the reduction of pest activity is in itself, one step towards a safer working environment. Fewer pests mean less exposure to potentially dangerous microbes and less physical damage caused by pests.

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