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Mosquito control

Mosquito is a common pest problem to every house/office around the cities. More than 3,500 species of mosquitoes are found anopheles, aedes, culex are commonly found in everywhere around the world. Mosquito-bite leaves an unattractive skin mark sometime hazardous diseases like malaria, dengue and chikungunya in the human body. Both male and female mosquito feed on fruit nectar, but female needs protein from blood to lay eggs. Water is necessary for female to lay an egg, it hatch into larvae as wigglers. Aavinash constantly maintains its position as one of the best residential pest control services in and around Chennai region. You can be a family, a corporate firm, a group of companies, or a manufacturing unit. When you are looking for best residential pest control services and commercial pest control services in and around Chennai or Tamilnadu, you will find that Aavinash pest control services is top-ranked and on the prime position in the entire industry.

Inspection and identification

The mosquito control treatment begins with inspection and identifying the cause of the problem. By identifying the cause of problem effectively we can able to produce 100% result. In mosquito control treatment the first process is to find out the water source and eliminate them. It can be easily done by anyone but to make sure as a professional we will use chemical product to eliminate them.

Fogging treatment

This treatment is used to control an adult mosquito which is very difficult for common people. It is achieved by using chemical pesticides thermal fogging. The chemical pesticides used to control the mosquito are harmless to other living beings like human, pets, and plants. Fogging is primarily applied in outdoor areas like grounds and garden. Depending upon intensity of the problem fogging should be used frequently or periodically.

Our technician will inspect the place thoroughly before fogging because depending upon surrounding quantity of chemical pesticides are need to be added. And it’s important to measure intensity of problem before fogging and after fogging.

Spraying treatment

This treatment involves spraying a colourless and odourless chemical insecticide on the wall. When the mosquitoes sit on the wall, they come in contact with insecticide directly and die. The insecticides used in this treatment to control mosquitoes are harmless to human beings.

We are the leading pest control player in the market, because of our knowledge in this field. Aavinash Pest Control has a legacy of more than 10 years, providing home and business with world class services and protect them from pest problems. Our services are offered at your need, with access to the best practices of the world. When safety and healthy living is in your mind, the first thought that comes to your mind is to keep Mosquitoes/House fly far and away. Look for Aavinash Pest Control Services for Mosquito/House fly, and we are here to help you.

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